I smile in-spite all else… In spite of my past self
Inspire my false self for the good of my true self
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I smile in-spite all else… In spite of my past self
Inspire my false self for the good of my true self
#MidFight #tumblr #blog #lucky&blessed #love #selfie #filter #editjunky #chic #muslimah #beautyinhijab #hijabi


Except for some who by nature are more likely to make bad choices….people in general aren’t bad
Just need to know the type of souls that soothe/suit you


"So flee to Allah" [51:50]



It’s beautiful how Allah uses the word flee. It’s so much more urgent then “come” or “return”. But in a way it’s also reassuring because Allah literally is telling us He is the escape. To flee is to leave your comfort zone into safety, and that’s literally what Islam is to us in this dunya.



There is a irony in how we recite Surat Al-Asr when we want to rush through prayer when it is a Surah that warns us that we are running out of time.

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I miss you… Do you feel it
It happens so strongly and so abruptly I feel like you steal me
I can’t ask you to return me cause its the ghost of you that reals me

I miss you… Do you see it
My essence leaves me physically to find that you don’t believe me
The question I ask myself is that without you I’m living
With the distance between us how do I make it easier for you, do I give you my breathing

I miss you… Do you dream it
The way that you take over my sleep you definitely mean to
All the emotions you grudgingly show, what defenses have I gotten you on because I’m in too
I’ll fight all my securities so that i can break through
I’ll save us, I will, even if I have to be the wisest fool


What i touched turned to black
I corrupted what I lacked…. A heart

I made the sea the color of blood
The windows to my soul… Icy cold

I loved the world but it didnt love me back
You loved me but I wanted more than that

You touched me, dont repeat love
Don’t dirty yourself cause then it is you i wont wanna have.

“سوى الله ؛ لا تتكئ على أحد حتى لا تقع .” Except Allah, dont lean on anyone as you will fall.  (via becoming-awkward)

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“I long to escape the prison of my ego and lose myself in You.”

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Ya Rab

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